Ramsay spoke of both the environmental and economic benefit

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“My cultural experience and heritage are there,” said Wilson, who was invited to a preview tour the week before the museum opened. “It’s interesting to be in a cheap jerseysspace where you can see your own personal history connected.” At one exhibit, when she commented that a sewing machine was just like one her grandmother had, an African American man standing nearby said his grandmother had one like it, too. Dream a World Anew: The African American Experience and the Shaping of America includes an essay by Farah Griffin, the William B.

Ramsay spoke of both the environmental and economic benefit that Ontario’s $16 million will bring to Kirkland Lake and area. “Ontario’s investment in the town of Kirkland Lake wastewater treatment facility will help preserve the environment around Murdoch Creek and Blanch River. This will also help PRIDE Friday, the town boost their local economy, while implementing a more energy efficient facility.

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